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Adult Respite Day Program

The Adult Respite Day Program is a cornerstone of Hospice. This program provides relief for those facing progressive life threatening illness and also provides respite for their caregivers. Through emotional, spiritual and psychosocial support, Pilgrims Hospice Day Program assists with up to 2000 client visits each year.

The Day Program runs from Monday through Wednesday, 9:30 until 3:30, each week. Clients are offered therapeutic support through socialization, guest speakers, music therapy, arts & crafts, and numerous other recreational activities. Home cooked meals and snacks are also provided. Like all Alberta Day Program services, clients must pay the fee to attend, $10/day, and transportation costs.

Learn more about the Adult Day Program in THIS VIDEO.

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Compassionate Companions Program

Supporting adults experiencing progressive life-threatening illness & end-of-life care, until natural death occurs. As Well as respite support for caregivers.

If you have ever helped someone cope with the day-to-day reality of dying, you know that love is simply not enough. Without outside support, families are often put at risk. In coping with a life-threatening illness at home, a volunteer visitor can improve the quality of life for those who are ill and their caregivers, by providing:

  • Home/Hospital/Hospice/ & Community Visits
  • Emotional & Social Support
  • Practical Assistance
  • Life Review & Legacy Work
  • Respite Care for the Family
  • Spiritual Support
  • End-of-Life Vigil

**Volunteers do not provide: medical or personal care, such as, dispensing medicine, changing dressings, bathing, and toileting; child care; cleaning services

Compassionate Companions add to the care provided by health professionals. Our trained volunteers are carefully matched with each client, and are required to stay in close contact with the Program Manager to ensure quality continuity of care for each client. Volunteers can provide service wherever a client may live: at home, care facility, and hospital setting.

Program Fee: $25/visit

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Compassionate Companions Therapeutic Bathing Program

Pilgrims Hospice Society has partnered with Saint Elizabeth Health Care to create an extension to our Compassionate Companions Program.

The new Therapeutic Bathing Program is offered to anyone living with a life limiting or life threatening illness and is wishing to have extra bathing time during the week. This bathing service will be offered as a Therapeutic bath in your home. Your 45 minute service may include bathing / showering, personal grooming, transfers and dressing and will be offered by a professional Health Care Aide.  The service will cater to the needs and wishes of the client and is intended to allow for relaxation, enjoyment and a little pampering.

This service is being offered to the client for $30.00 per visit.

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