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Children have been called the “forgotten mourners” because we as a society often do not encourage them to mourn or acknowledge their grief. Bereaved children and teens that have experienced the death of a loved one are more at risk for psychological and behavioral difficulties than those who have not experienced such a loss. Helping a bereaved child or teen is the epitome of good preventative mental, physical and spiritual health care.

Pilgrims Hospice Society provides bereavement services to those who are anticipating a death, or have experienced a death, of a loved one.

Expressive Arts for Grieving Children, Teens & Families

Our popular Expressive Arts program is an interactive, educational and fun experience for grieving children (ages 6-12) and teens (ages 13-18) who have been touched by the death of someone they love.

Using art, music and other creative mediums, participants are expertly guided by our team of trained and enthusiastic facilitators in a safe & compassionate setting.

Involvement in Expressive Arts programming provides children, teens and their families with the necessary social sanction and permission to express their feelings and find comfort and relief in knowing that others feel the way they do and that they are not alone.

In the spirit and philosophy of hospice care, these programs are offered at no charge.

Parents or guardians of children attend a concurrent facilitated group where they explore issues of how to best support their child while they too may be grieving.

Colored Tears Summer Daycamp

For the Summer of 2019, the colored Tears Summer Daycamp will be on hiatus while the new Roozen Family Hospice is being built.  We will be back for the Summer of 2020!

Individual and Family Counselling

To further explore the complexities of the grief journey, we offer individual and family counselling at both Edmonton and Sherwood Park locations. Some evening and weekend appointments are available.

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“In the Pilgrims Hospice Expressive Arts Program, Rory wasn’t alone. He hung out with other kids who’d lost dads, moms, siblings. He learned to talk about and share grief. This experience has helped him get through the ordinary days with resilience and positivity. He has gained the skills to remember his dad and to move forward too.” – Patty Milligan

Service Locations & Contact Information

Pilgrims Hospice Society: #104, 15023 – 123 Avenue NW in Edmonton
Satellite location:  #207 – 48 Brentwood Blvd in Sherwood Park
Please indicate which location you prefer when registering for a group or requesting a counselling appointment.

For more information and to register, contact Cheryl Salter-Roberts, CCFE, CBC at 780-413-9801 ext.102 or by email at or fill out our contact form here.