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We each experience loss and grief in a unique way, and likewise, our responses to the process of healing are as individual as we are.  As we grieve, it is helpful to connect with others for support, to process the feelings of grief and loss, and explore the tools available to us as we cope, reconcile, and begin to heal. We’ re here to help.

Adult Individual Counselling

Counselling is focused on companioning you on your grief journey. Through conversations with a trained counsellor, you may learn more about your unique grief experience and receive help in processing your grief. Guided imagery, expressive-arts based techniques, and relaxation techniques can be integrated into counselling upon request.
For those who want one-on-one support, individual grief counselling is available.

No fee but donations are appreciated. 

When my husband died, life was very dark. The people at Pilgrims helped me to find hope and to know that I would be okay again someday.

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Support Groups

In a safe environment, come and connect with others who are grieving.
A trained facilitator will guide the group in topics related to grief. Group members are encouraged to share their own experiences.

Open to the general public. No fee but donations are appreciated.

PRINTABLE pdf version of upcoming Adult Grief Support Groups available here.

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Thank you for leading the Adult Bereavement Support Group and providing a safe space to help us face and work through our losses/traumas. The work you do is very important and I’m very grateful to you… not only do I receive help and support but I’m able to give that to others as well. Nobody should have to walk alone in this pain.   Sincerely, Jane

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