The Comfort and Cuteness of Kittens

Staying warm this fall was made easier with ten furry kittens to curl up with!

These cuddly balls of energy explored every nook and cranny of our Day Program Room last week, entertaining clients, volunteers and staff alike.

We can’t thank Crystal enough, from For All Animals Rescue Society (F.A.A.R.S.), for bringing such delight to Pilgrims. The kittens were currently up for adoption and boy, was it hard not to take one home!

Why do we love animals in our Day Program? Their cuteness! And… pet therapy has scientifically-proven health benefits.

When our clients hold or pet a furry friend, they can benefit from:
• Lowered blood pressure
• Improved cardiovascular health
• Release of endorphins to produce a calming effect
• Reduction in physical pain
• Reduced depression and anxiety
• Reduced feelings of isolation and loneliness

We can see the calming effects such a visit has on our clients, and are so grateful to those who share their animal friends with us.

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