Edmonton’s first free-standing residential community hospice offers all of Pilgrims Hospice Society’s end-of-life and grief support programs, in addition to 12 residential hospice palliative suites all under the roof of a beautiful new purpose-built building.  Please fill out your contact information below and our staff will reach out to you to gather some basic information about the person you are referring including their Alberta Health Care Number and their main contact information.

The main criteria for admission is that your loved one is dealing with a life-threatening progressive illness with an estimated prognosis of 3 months or less. One other criteria for admission is that your loved one is not interested in pursuing any tests or treatments for the sole purpose of lengthening or shortening their life. We are a welcoming, relaxed and family-friendly place that enables meaningful memories during life’s precious last months, weeks and days.

The Referral Process

After you fill out the information below, you can expect the following to occur:

    1. The Care Navigator will reach out to the main contact to answer any questions and arrange a tour of the home if desired.

    2. The Medical Director and the Care Navigator will assess if we can meet the care needs of your loved one.

    3. Once everyone is in agreement, an admission date and time is set.
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