Points for Pilgrims Hospice – A Great Program for a Great Cause

We are blessed to have Grant and Heidi Fedoruk, of Leading Edge Physio, as passionate ambassadors for our work in the community at Pilgrims Hospice.

For the past 5 years, Leading Edge has pledged $10 for every point scored by the Edmonton Eskimos, through its Points for Pilgrims Hospice program.

With the Esks winning the Grey Cup this past season (way to go Esks!), Leading Edge will be donating a total of $4, 660 to our programs and services this year!

In his interview with Reid Wilkins on 630 CHED (listen here), Grant notes that people know to give to cancer research, treatment, and curing disease – but just as important is what we do for the people who are losing their battles with these diseases:

“I think it truly is a reflection of our society, how we look after the terminally ill…. There’s no better way to see our money go to making a difference in the community, than helping people literally going through the trials and tribulations of a life-ending disease.”

What Grant sees at Pilgrims is a special community.

“It’s a place for people to get together and share their experiences, have a laugh together lots of times, get a little relief just knowing that it’s not all about dying, it’s about living the last days of their lives.”

Like many who give their support to Pilgrims, Grant’s personal experience with his father has influenced his views about death and dying. He saw how his father could:

“seize the last years and even days and really make the most of them – and that’s what Pilgrims Hospice is all about.”

Reid Wilkins described the Points for Pilgrims as “a great program for a great cause”. We are so grateful to Grant and Heidi Fedoruk for their outstanding generosity and commitment to our work at Pilgrims, and for living up to their goal to be “in the community… for the community”.

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