Our Future

At our sold out Gala in April 2018, local business leader, Harold A. Roozen, made a historic announcement of a $3 million commitment to Pilgrims Hospice Society- the cornerstone gift of our Home for Hospice capital campaign.

While Pilgrims Hospice Society’s programs have been a pillar of compassion in greater Edmonton for over two decades, the strategic vision has always been to include residential hospice care for those at the end-of-life, who can no longer stay at home but do not need to be in a hospital or long-term care facility.

The time has come to bring this vision to reality.

Edmonton’s first free-standing residential community hospice will offer all of
Pilgrims Hospice Society’s current end-of-life and grief support programs, in
addition to 12 residential hospice palliative suites all under the roof of a beautiful
new purpose-built building.

The Roozen Family Hospice Centre will embody the spirit and principles of hospice care philosophy in a way we have not yet had in Edmonton – a welcoming, relaxed and family-friendly place that enables meaningful memories during life’s precious last months, weeks and days. A place that specializes in supporting our community members through all the tender transitions that come with end-of-life.

As demand for more end-of-life care options in Edmonton increases each year, it is clear that the time is now for residential community hospice in Edmonton.

The new Hospice Centre will take the support of a community to realize.
We invite you to walk the journey with us and be part of this very special legacy opportunity.