So much more than our Gala MC!

“As death is something we all face, it behooves us all to learn about it and contribute to hospice care while we’re able,” says retired radio host Sharon Mallon.

After taking early retirement at the age of 53, it didn’t take long for Sharon to be “done with the retirement thing” and to become actively involved in helping the Edmonton community she’s lived in her entire adult life.

Volunteering with in-patients at the Cross Cancer Institute, Sharon took palliative care training and saw first-hand what it was like, and what it means, for people to die with dignity. When she heard about Pilgrims Hospice, it was a natural step for her to join the Board of Directors.

Sharon speaks humbly of her contributions to Pilgrims so far. Perhaps the best is yet to come…. On Friday, April 6th, Sharon Mallon will MC the 23rd Annual Gala in support of Pilgrims Hospice.

Attending as a guest last year, Sharon remembers not just a fun night:

“I was taken aback by the people in the room – the level of engagement, support, and interest in hospice. Hearing 12-year-old Rory’s grief story had such an impression on me, I was left with it for days.”

This year’s Gala theme of Living Your Best Life has a special meaning for Sharon.

“Anything we can do to help people in whatever stage they are in – grieving or actually dying – is a tremendous gift to give someone. Because of my own profound experience of grief, I know the importance of living each day fully.”

For Sharon, the Gala has the added delight of working alongside fundraising auctioneer Danny Hooper –  re-uniting the award-winning co-hosts of the CFCW Morning Show.

“I want this to be an extra-ordinary mix of entertainment, with the primary goal of raising a great deal of money for Pilgrims Hospice. At the end of the evening, I want people to have had a lot of laughs, really enjoyed themselves, and be ready to sign up again for next year!”

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