Susan’s Story

My work was my life. After taking early retirement, I had no focus or routine, and my illness made it difficult for me to leave home or meet new friends. I was struggling not just with my diagnosis but with loneliness and depression. I needed something to keep myself busy and engaged, and my husband, [...]

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Dave Williams – A Hospice Story

Dave Williams is a beloved figure in the city and client of our Adult Respite Day Program. “Where I live, there isn’t an opportunity to have a conversation with people, so this is a godsend. Coming here, it won’t ever help my disease. It just helps me, having a place to come and visit among [...]

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Is it Tuesday Yet?

Since her illness, and before receiving Compassionate Companion visits, life for Margaret could be summed up in one word: “Boring.” She's “cheated death” at least once but now is practically housebound. Her loving husband, Norman, takes great care of her, but for Margaret: “It’s a blessing that Janet comes over - to have someone to [...]

Paul and Pui

For the first few times that Pui came to the Adult Respite Day Program here at Pilgrims Hospice, his son Paul stayed with him for the day. As Pui finds changes in his environment difficult, and English isn’t his first language, Paul understandably wanted to make sure his father transitioned well between Pilgrims and home. Over [...]

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A Teen’s Journey Through Grief

On Tuesday, December 9, 2008, my baba (grandma)’s two year battle with cancer was finally over. Although we expected it, nobody was ready for it. I felt grief overwhelm my body – but at the time, had no idea what grief was. It was an unknown force making me feel cold, sick, angry, sad, a [...]

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