Children and teens who experience the death of a loved one do not necessarily have the language or developmental capacity to work through the grief process like adults. Pilgrims Hospice Society's Expressive Arts for Grieving Children, Teens and Families program was initiated to provide a safe space to express feelings and find comfort and [...]

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When every day matters, your year end gift makes a difference

If you have accompanied a loved one as they die, perhaps you can relate to Terri and Patti’s reflections on their experience earlier this year. Their dad’s illness had progressed and they were faced with the time they dreaded since his diagnosis. “We found ourselves preparing his room at the continuing care facility for [...]

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The holidays are often a difficult time for those who are grieving. In a season that celebrates joy and giving, it can be hard to be present when our heart is aching. Individuals and families that are grieving may need extra support during holidays.  If you are grieving, or you are in the role [...]

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The Spiritual Side of Bereavement

We are often asked whether Pilgrims Hospice Society is affiliated with a particular religion. The answer is no – but we welcome people from all faiths and backgrounds, and those without any religious beliefs. In his short article, The Spiritual Side of Bereavement, Dr. Kenneth J. Doka, (Senior Consultant to the Hospice Foundation of [...]

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Grief Care for the Holidays

The Holidays are often a difficult time for those who are actively grieving and those who continue to mourn over the years. In a Season where we are expected to be joyful and giving, it can be hard to be present when tears are flowing and our heart is aching. The message that this [...]

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When you don’t know what to say…

When those around us experience the death of a loved one, finding the right words to say can sometimes feel difficult. For National Bereavement Day, November 20, we’ve put together a list of items for a Grief Care Kit you can easily make, to help express your condolences. Feel free to modify the outline [...]

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Finding Your Way Through Grief – Anita Clark

The death of someone we love changes our lives forever. From the day my son died when he was 21, nine years ago, I have a “before” timeline and an “after” timeline. The two will never merge. I think of him every day and still wonder what may have been or how his life [...]

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