Spiritual Support

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another…” – Luciano de Crescenzo

Spirituality describes the beliefs, values and relationships around which we organize a system of meaning and our sense of who we are in the universe.  It is inseparably connected to whatever and whomever is of greatest significance to us.   For some people, spirituality takes shape through participation in religion, for others it occurs in more personally defined ways.

Enhancing Hospice

Spiritual care has been integrated in all our programs because the final stage of life is often a time of spiritual questioning and growth.  It can involve spiritual concerns such as: anticipatory grief, finding meaning in one’s life, reconciling past hurts/ painful relationships, saying good-bye to loved ones or redefining hopes for the future.

Spiritual Care at Pilgrims is offered through:

Counselling… The Spiritual Care Coordinator is available to meet with clients, family members, volunteers, and staff to explore issues of spiritual need and growth.  This may include exploring what is meaningful in your life, your concerns about illness and death, or what you hope for in this time.  They may also help you to connect with community clergy or places of worship.

Supportive listening… Being listened to and affirmed can give you the opportunity to express questions and feelings.  A serious illness can create many doubts and questions concerning issues of faith and spirituality.  Having someone to engage with these questions of meaning and suffering can be a great source of comfort.  Our volunteers are trained to talk with you about spiritual matters.

Exploring life events and life review… Activities such as making a legacy project or recording stories can have great meaning at the end of life.

Identifying Spiritual Resources and needs… During times of illness and stress, we may need help to access our internal resources and to connect with external communities of support.


Jesse McElheran, MEd

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