Adult Respite Day Program

The Adult Respite Day Program is a cornerstone of Hospice. This program provides relief for those facing progressive life threatening illness and also provides respite for their caregivers. Through emotional, spiritual and psychosocial support, Pilgrims Hospice Day Program assists with up to 2000 client visits each year.

The Day Program runs from Monday through Wednesday, 9:30 until 3:30, each week. Clients are offered therapeutic support through socialization, guest speakers, music therapy, arts & crafts, and numerous other recreational activities. Home cooked meals and snacks are also provided. Like all Alberta Day Program services, clients must pay the fee to attend, $8/day, and transportation costs

For more information on the Day Program please contact:

Bonnie Ross

Day Program Manager

780-413-9801 ext 305


The Day Program Staff, Volunteers, and Clients have been crafting and keeping their fingers nimble, making Pilgrims Paper-Bead Bracelets

Each bracelet is unique and hand made, with all proceeds from sales going to support Day Program operations.

These bracelets are quickly becoming popular, and are a great way to show support, spread awareness, and give as a special gift.


All orders for bracelets can be made through Bonnie Ross, Day Program Manager, via email or by calling 780 413 9801 ext.305. No two bracelets are identical, if you would like to hand choose your bracelet, please visit Pilgrims Hospice, 9808 – 148 street Edmonton, to view our available selection.

$10 per Child Bracelet

$20 per Adult Bracelet

$25 per ANGEL Bracelet with lyric bookmark**

**Rolled within each ANGEL Bracelet bead are the song lyrics to Angels Among Us by Alabama, and each Angel Bracelet comes with an Angels Among Us bookmark