Pilgrims Hospice Society is grateful to all those who support our work through gifts and grants. We view stewardship as an important aspect of our relationship with donors and work hard to keep you informed of how your support is put to use.

Recognition of grants is generally made in the following ways:

Announcement of the grant is included in Pilgrims Progress, the newsletter of Pilgrims Hospice Society. This newsletter is now circulated to approximately 3000 individuals and organizations in the greaterEdmonton.

Acknowledgement in program-specific materials identifies granting foundations, corporate donors or individuals who have funded the particular program or service.

Mention of the grant is also made when we present information in public forums and at Hospice functions.

Stewardship reports are provided as requested by the grantor and we are open to other forms of recognition or reporting that may be requested by a particular organization or individual.

For more information about donor recogniton or stewardship, please send us an email.